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ImageMAKER Development Inc.
Corporate Overview

ImageMAKER Development Inc. has been producing imaging solutions since 1990. From the beginning, our focus has been on the development and delivery of OEM and Corporate solutions for the next generation of automated electronic document conversion and imaging applications like eDiscovery, E-Mail Archiving, Compliance Management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Transcript Management, Document Workflow, Document Collection, Document Conversion, Document Archiving, Unified Messaging and Fax.

ImageMAKER Development prides itself on being able to meet the demanding standards of our customers, including the provision of quality technical support, pre-sales support, priority access to senior development engineers, and customized software development services.

Customers include Microsoft, Nortel, Hewlett Packard, IBM, FileNet, Kofax, Canon, Cisco, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph, T-Mobile, Alcatel, Tiscali, Telecom Finland (Telia Sonera), the Government of New Brunswick, and many customers in our target markets including eDiscovery Service Bureaus, Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments, Corporate IT Departments, Telcos, Fax Server Vendors, and Fax Service Bureaus. ImageMAKER is an IBM Enterprise Content Management Partner and Certified Ringtail Service Partner.

Product Overview:

ImageMAKER Development’s best-of-breed world-class products that meet identified customer needs for document image processing are:

ImageMAKER Discovery Assistant is an affordable, feature-rich, robust, scalable e-Discovery Software Application that enables the user to quickly capture all electronic files from CD's and local or network drives for conversion to TIFF or PDF. Users can stamp a unique Bates Number on each page, and export the resulting data, including text and hidden metadata to many leading case management software packages, including Ringtail, Summation, Concordance and others, ready for detailed review and analysis by the legal team.

ImageMAKER Document Conversion tools specifically designed to assist corporations to convert their Windows documents - letters, memos, e-mail messages, presentations, CAD drawings - to TIFF or PDF ready for input into a document management systems, or send as attachments through an e-mail server, or faxed as imaged documents through a fax server. The conversion tools can be customized to meet customer specifications.

ImageMAKER TIFF Print Drivers for stand-alone use and OEM distribution support conversion of printable documents to TIFF, JPEG, and PDF images in multiple resolutions, sizes and orientations. Print drivers are available for all Windows platforms and support of a wide range of customizable features.

Product Details:

1. ImageMAKER Discovery Assistant.

Electronic Discovery or eDiscovery is the process for gathering, reviewing, and managing documents originating from computers. Electronic Discovery is important in the management of large evidentiary collections from electronic repositories. Attorneys use Electronic Discovery services in litigation and antitrust work, and in other situations when electronic documents including e-mail and its attachments must be reviewed and produced to another party in a uniform file format like TIFF or PDF.

Discovery Assistant has been designed to fully automate the electronic document conversion process necessary for Electronic Discovery and is based on the Telco grade proven proprietary technology of ImageMAKER Development’s Server Based Document Conversion Engine that for the past 18 years has been successfully implemented throughout the world by leading technology companies for Fax, Unified Messaging, Email and Document Delivery and Storage applications.

Discovery Assistant is a feature-rich, robust, scalable and easy to use e-Discovery solution that enables the user to quickly capture all electronic files from CD's and local or network drives, convert them to TIFF or PDF, stamp a unique Bates Number on each page and export the resulting data, including hidden metadata, to many leading case management software packages, including Ringtail, CT Summation and Concordance, ready for detailed review and analysis by the legal team. It can easily make use of integrated search capability and near duplicate detection to increase relevance and decrease size of the resulting export packages.

Discovery Assistant is:

  • Scalable to millions of conversions per day.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Powerful customizable feature set.
  • Custom Development and Support available.

Discovery Assistant provides:

  • Automated ‘one button’ conversion of source documents to TIFF, PDF, and/or Paper while extracting hidden MetaData and Text.
  • Identification and removal of duplicate files and blank pages.
  • Keeps track of every single file, while maintaining parent child relationships, with full audit trail and reporting tools.
  • Informative, integrated, simple to use user interface to manage terabytes of conversions.
  • Users can choose between one or more output options without having to change programs.
  • Ability to step backwards and forwards throughout the process, correcting any conversion errors.
  • Automated processing of compound documents, including ZIP, PST, NSF and MSG files with attachments.
  • Universal date and time stamp handling for accurate chronologies.
  • Distributed processing over hundreds of computers to handle the most demanding projects.
  • Capability of processing several projects simultaneously.
  • Automated preparation of slip-sheets, output files, and log data.
  • Integrated search capability to rapidly locate documents of interest from any supported source
  • Near-duplicate detection to locate and group related documents
  • Export results to leading case management tools including Ringtail, Concordance, CT Summation and others.

ImageMAKER Development is a Certified Ringtail Service Partner.

Discovery Assistant offers Litigation Service Providers, Corporate users, Forensic Firms and Law Firms advanced features and proven success for handling their critical e-Discovery needs.

Litigation Service Providers gain a competitive advantage through lower acquisition cost with a one-time up-front payment without hidden or meter charges, short staff training cycle, priority access to senior support and development staff with quick turn-around on problem reports, customization where needed, ease of use, faster and superior rendering of TIFF images.

Corporate users find it much cheaper (by a factor of 10) to do the conversions in-house rather than to use an outside service bureau. Customizability of Discovery Assistant is important in their decision-making.

Law Firms realize professional, quality results for file converting at lower cost and faster turnaround than outsourcing. Basic interests are to save their clients money, improve turnaround, and keep better control over confidential information.

Full details are available from our web site http://discoveryassistant.com

2. ImageMAKER Batch Converter.

The ImageMAKER Batch Converter, is an end-user product specifically designed to assist corporations to convert their Windows documents - letters, memos, e-mail messages, presentations, CAD drawings - to TIFF or PDF ready for input into their document management systems, attach to e-mail messages or pass on to a fax server. It is built using ImageMAKER's award winning automated document conversion technology that for the past 18 years has been successfully implemented throughout the world by leading technology companies for Fax, Unified Messaging, Email, Wireless and Document Delivery and Storage applications.

The ImageMAKER Batch Converter is a feature-rich, robust and easy to use utility capable of handling the most demanding automated conversion project. Firms in the financial, medical and engineering sectors use the product to streamline their document management processes.

Full details are available from our web site http://www.conversionserver.com

2.1 ImageMAKER Server Based Document Conversion Engine.

The ImageMAKER Server Based Document Conversion Engine automatically converts batches of electronic documents to TIFF Group IV file format and stores them in a designated file folder with support for logging and advanced process monitoring - 'auto-close' dialogs, 'auto-kill' applications, and other support features to help un-stick problem conversions. Upgrade path to Carrier Grade server clustering, with one master server controlling multiple conversion engines through a round-robin process with improved reliability through redundancy and improved throughput with the addition of more processors. TIFF Class F (faxable TIFF at 204x196 dpi), higher resolutions and other output file formats like JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc. are also supported.

Electronic Mail (PST, MSG and ZIP files) pre-processing upgrade for ImageMAKER Server Based Document Conversion Engine. Automated conversions of Microsoft email messages in batch mode to TIFF Group IV file format or TIFF Class F (faxable TIFF at 204x196 dpi) file format. Supports RTF (Rich Text Formatted), HTML and MIME (internet format), and TXT formatted messages. Automatically extract messages from PST files (Microsoft Message Archival / Personal Folder File) and MSG files (Microsoft Outlook message file). Extracts and converts all recognized attachments, including documents from ZIP files.

2.2 ImageMAKER Kodak Archive Writer Pre-processor.

The ImageMAKER Kodak Archive Writer Pre-processor is a Visual Windows based application offered as an upgrade for ImageMAKER Server Based Document Conversion Engine and converts source documents to TIFF or PDF ready to output to the Kodak Document Archive Writer. Support for image orientation (comic mode / cine mode), single and multi-page files, G3 and G4 compression, List files, and multi-level indexing.

Full details are available from our web site http://www.conversionserver.com

3. OEM Products

The ImageMAKER Imaging Toolkit can be used to connect end user applications with existing fax communication products. Supported uses for these tools include client software fax print drivers for Network Fax Servers, fax imaging tools used in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications, and document conversion tools for use within Unified Messaging, Wireless and Document Management applications.

  • TIFF Print Drivers for all Windows platforms (95, 98, ME, XP, NT 4.0, Win2000, Win 2003, Windows Terminal Server and Citrix and for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Vista, Windows 7, etc.)
  • Server based automated Document Conversion from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Acrobat, Word Perfect, and other common document file formats to TIFF/JPEG/PDF.
  • Cover Page Generator and Cover Page Designer.
  • Annotation Viewer.
  • Imaging libraries for embedded fax applications.

The ImageMAKER TIFF Print Driver, Document Conversion Engine, and other imaging tools are world-leading, market-proven, multi-platform OEM software components that have been integrated into many top selling fax, unified messaging, automated electronic document conversion and document delivery applications of over 500 OEM's, including Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Small Business Server, Lotus Domino FAX Server and products from T-Mobile, Tiscali, Eastman Kodak, FileNet, Kofax, Canon, EasyLink (Mail.com), MessageClick, MCI, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Cable & Wireless, Motorola AirCommunications, Nortel Networks, Cisco, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph International, Telecom Finland (Telia Sonera), Alcatel and many more with over 55 million client installs around the world.

For full details visit our web sites:

4. Custom Development Services.

ImageMAKER Development offers a complete and flexible range of cost effective services to ensure rapid, seamless integration and premium ongoing product support. Our Custom Development Services offering complements your team with integration advice and development expertise gained from hundreds of integration project in applications like Document Conversion, Email, CTI, MFD (Multi Functional Device) and Fax Servers.

Custom Development Services are delivered by professionals who have on average fifteen years of experience in the business with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, and others. We work on a time and materials or fixed price basis, based on our customer’s needs.

ImageMAKER Key Team Members

Mr. Ken Davies - President and Chief Technical Officer.
Mr. Davies has 25+ years development experience in software technology. Formerly Mr. Davies has held senior programmer positions in MPR (Microtel Pacific Research) and Microsoft. He is founder of Spittin' Image Software (SIS), an imaging software development company with annual revenue in excess of $1 million from world-class companies such as Nortel Networks, Microsoft, Lucent Technologies (AT&T), Cable & Wireless, MCI, Omtool and AVT RightFax. Mr. Davies has written the software for the core components of ImageMAKER, a product included in the Fax Print Drivers, Fax Viewer, Fax Cover Page Generator, etc. Mr. Davies currently is the holder of the international patent # 5,634,795 as it relates to another of his developed products in the name of Colorcube. Mr. Davies completed his undergraduate education at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, and was awarded an honors Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1982.

Mr. Charles Wangersky – Vice President Engineering.
As a programmer/analyst Mr. Wangersky has extensive experience in designing, deploying and operating IP based software applications. He has worked extensively in the fields of hardware and software development and integration, most recently as lead developer of numerous projects at Spittin’ Image Software (SIS) for the past 12+ years. Additionally, he has worked with Logical Software as project lead for several projects involving CTI, and KEA Systems (now part of Attachmate) as senior developer on their KEAterm 420, and ZSTEM 320 and 340 projects. Educated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and System Engineering. Mr. Wangersky has been professionally involved with the computer industry since the S-100 days, with imaging for 20 years, with communication for 19 years, and with networks and networking for 10 years; and holds a patent, for a Cage Culture Turbidostat, arising out of unrelated work in 1978 and 1979.

Mr. John Omielan - Senior Developer and Assistant Technical Support.
Mr. Omielan started programming over 30 years ago. In addition to teaching and tutoring math, he has over 20 years of programming experience with different computer types, operating systems and languages. He has worked on a wide range of tasks for larger companies like Westpac Bank in Australia, Microsoft, and GTE Enterprise Solutions, plus multiple smaller companies. At ImageMaker, John wrote the code to handle several types of JPEG and LZW-compressed TIFF file formats, the Discovery Assistant search programs (text search, metadata filtering and finding near duplicates), extracting embedded files from Office documents and PDF files, a generic print program using a script language, and other functionality, mainly for Discovery Assistant. John received his Joint Honours Bachelor of Math degree in Applied Math and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in 1987, and his Master of Science degree in Applied Math at the University of British Columbia in 1991.

Mr. Stan Hilckmann - VP of Sales and Marketing.
Mr. Hilckmann is a Commerce Graduate from the Netherlands. He has been instrumental over the past 15 years to the overall success of the ImageMAKER product line. Prior to his function as VP of Sales and Marketing for the ImageMAKER product line, he was active as an independent Consultant in establishing channels of distribution and merchandizing projects for companies like IBM and Epson. Mr. Hilckmann gained his expertise in this field through his many years with Hewlett Packard where he was responsible for the sales and marketing of their consumer products in Western Canada, and subsequently to this by establishing and implementing a sales and marketing program for Sperry / Unisys to support their entry into the personal computer market.

Mr. Winston Wong – Sales Account Manager
Mr. Wong joined ImageMAKER Development in 1997. Mr. Wong implements sales and marketing programs, and administrates the business functions for the ImageMAKER Product Line. In addition to maintaining client relationships, he is responsible for adding new customers from the various markets that ImageMAKER serves. Mr. Wong holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC, Canada), which includes a Joint Major in Marketing and Communications plus four workplace practicum terms. Mr. Wong is a former employee of eBay and also has conducted marketing consulting for companies in the sales, travel, retail and commercial maintenance industries.

Contact information:

ImageMAKER Development Inc.
#102 - 416 6th Street
New Westminster, B.C.
Canada V3L 3B2
Sales: +1.604.525.2170
Support: +1.604.525.2108
Fax: +1.604.520.0029
E-mail: info@imgmaker.com

Web sites:

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