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Electronic discovery is the process of extracting needed information from electronic data, today found in huge quantities and multiple formats, and producing needed information intelligently and accurately which is an enormously complex undertaking. Most data is generated electronically, including email messages and associated attachments, documents, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, and other data. This information is found in a wide variety of places, including desktop PCs, laptops, network servers, backup tapes, email systems, storage media, PDA's and other devices.

Creating a new project
1 Identify which files you want to process.

If you have 1000's of individual data files OR multiple Terabytes of data, then download and install our Discovery Assistant TeraBite Add On. TeraBite can be used to break the file list down into 2Gig sized load lists.

Files exist in PST files, NSF files, as loose files in directories, and as scanned TIFF or PDF files. Files can be accessed across multiple machines.

2 Create a new project.

Default is to create the project in the same directory as Discovery Assistant was installed.

Need to make sure there is at least 20 Gigs of available space in the project directory.