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e-Discovery Software

Import Files

3 Add in the files to process.

Can do this from the All Files tab, select Add:

  • Files
  • Folders
  • List (generated by TeraBite)
  • Drag in from Windows Explorer

Added Files

For optimized conversion speed, best to keep number of items to be processed below 100,000.

4 Review the imported contents.

Note total number of items imported, and number of items that are not convertable. From the non-convertable tab, identify what applications may be missing.

Some file types (like movies) cannot be converted. Some file types like .DAT may in fact be Text files (and can be assigned to TXT). If you do install additional software, you need to do a re-check for the file type to be recognized. Place-holders for unconvertable files can be created using the pass-thru feature.

Detailed tweaking of file types can be done from the Admin / Configure / Documents Dialog.