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Converted Files

Converted Files

6 Deblank.
Spreadsheet printouts can contain large quantities of blank pages. This is because Discovery Assistant prints the entire spreadsheet range, not just the last print range. Our deblanking tool can scan and remove blank pages at the rate of 1000 pages per second.

7 Assign Bates Numbers and Document ID's

The user has the option to assigning bates numbers to the selected files. Bates numbers are assigned on a page basis. A separate column keeps track of the Parent/child bates ranges.

Users may also assign Document ID's (different from Bates Numbers) to each document.

8 Smart OCR any files that don't have text
Scanned Documents (TIFF, PDF) do not generate Text at time of conversion, or at time of loading. Use the 'Smart OCR' option to extract TEXT from converted documents that are currently missing text.